next [ nekst ] function word ***
Next is used in the following ways:
as a determiner (followed by a noun):
I'll see you next week.
as an adjective:
I'm leaving town on the next train.
I didn't realize what had happened until the next day.
as a pronoun:
You're the next in line.
I'll be seeing him the week after next.
as an adverb:
What happens next?
After me, he's the next tallest boy in the class.
in the preposition phrase next to:
Come sit next to me.
1. ) used for referring to the time, event, action, person, etc. that comes after this one or after another one:
He said he was leaving for Rome the next day.
Who will be the next president?
The next flight to Newark isn't until 1:30.
I'll call you the next time I'm in town.
Who's next in line?
I'll be busy this week and next.
When I next spoke with him, he told me he had gotten married.
I knew exactly what was going to happen next.
First, peel the fruit. Next, prepare a chocolate sauce.
the next few weeks/several months/five years etc.: Over the next few weeks I tried to re-organize the office.
next Tuesday/week/year etc. (=the Tuesday, week, year, etc. that comes after this one): I'll see you next Friday.
Local elections take place next May.
a ) the day/week/year etc. after next the day/week/year etc. that comes immediately after the one that follows this one:
A spokesman said a meeting had been arranged with Seagram for the weekend after next.
We're hoping to be chosen as the venue for the World Cup after next.
2. ) used for referring to the place that is closest to where you are:
I could hear the sound of laughter in the next room.
a ) used for referring to the first place that you come to when you continue moving:
This is Wilshire, the next big street is Santa Monica, and after that is Sunset.
Get out at the next station. the next person/guy/man/woman etc.
used when you are saying that you are no different from anyone else in a particular way:
I get as angry as the next person when companies send me junk e-mail every day.
the next best/largest/smallest etc.
one that is almost as good/large/small etc. as another one that you are mentioning:
In terms of market size in skincare products, the U.S. was next largest after Japan.
the next best thing: If you can't actually go to the races, watching it live on TV is the next best thing.
the next thing I knew
used for saying that a situation happened very quickly when you did not expect it:
The next thing I knew there were police officers all over the place.
next to
1. ) beside or very near to someone or something with no other person or thing in between:
Steve lives next to a lake, so we'll be able to go swimming.
She sat down next to me without a word.
The baby sleeps in the room next to his parents.
2. ) used for showing that you are not including the person or thing that is really the best, biggest, worst, etc. when you are making a comparison:
Next to John, Jamie is my best friend.
3. ) when compared to someone or something:
Next to Tony, we're all geniuses.
4. ) used before negative words to mean almost but not completely :
You can have the whole set for next to no cost.
Even if we practice all week, it will be next to impossible to win.
next to nothing: After the company closed, investors were left with next to nothing.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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